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Known diversity of Microgastrinae wasps worldwide:

- 2,754 extant species and 81 extant genera. For a complete list of the world genera and species, which is updated weekly, check our tab "Microgastrinae Species" (

- 12 extinct species and 3 extinct genera. The fossil species are listed separately, see left block on this page (

The numbers presented above only reflect the species and genera that have been formally described. The actual diversity of Microgastrinae is much higher than presently known, and it has been estimated to be between 5-10,000 species (Mason, 1981) or up to +40,000 species (Rodriguez et al., 2012). That means that we know, at best 50% of the species and at worst just 5%. Based on specimens in collections and ongoing studies with the world fauna, we consider that no more than 10% of the species have been formally described.

Top 20 genera of Microgastrinae (number of described species, now outdated)
Apanteles 883
Cotesia 269
Dolichogenidea 232
Microplitis 185
Microgaster 177
Glyptapanteles 113
Diolcogaster 83
Choeras 53
Hypomicrogaster 53
Pholetesor 51
Snellenius 40
Iconella 36
Illidops 36
Pseudapanteles 36
Fornicia 35
Promicrogaster 32
Protapanteles 32
Parapanteles 29
Nyereria 23
Wilkinsonellus 22
Alphomelon 19
Deuterixys 18
Prasmodon 18

Cumulative number of described species of Microgastrinae.

Number of Microgastrinae species described per year.

[Last update: 2018-06-04]

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