Apanteles brunnistigma

General description: 

Description in Papp (1980): Mesonotum dull, usually strongly wrinkled, or, less usually, with confluent punctation lending the surface a less rough sculpture (Fig. 99, 100); scutellum polished. Scutellum as long medially as wide basally (Fig. 227). r1 at most slightly longer than cuqu1, meeting each other more angularly (Fig. 101, 228). Hind femur relatively less thick, thrice as long as wide (Fig. 229). Inner spur of hind tibia slightly longer than half basitarsus. Ovipositor sheath as long as or somewhat longer than hind tibia, in lateral view rather narrow (Fig. 230). Nervellus of hind wing moderately arched (Fig. 226) or, sometimes, almost straight. Hind tibia variable in colour from entire blackish to reddish yellow with blackish distal tip. Wings subhyaline to faintly brownish fumous. Male: 2.6-3 mm. Several illustrations about that species in Papp (1980) and Fernandez-Triana et al. (2014).

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