Apanteles jubmeli

General description: 

The following text and drawings are reproduced from the original description of the species (Hedqvist 1972).

Female. BIack with all palps and all spurs yellowish white. All femora on both sides with a brownish yellow stripe. Knees and extreme base of tibiae also brownish yellow. Very fine puncturation on head and thorax. Scutellum with very delicate puncturation. Side of pronotum (fig. 4D) large, smooth and with two furrows. Propodeum smooth in the middle, on both sides punctures with hairs. 1st and 2nd tergite of gaster, see fig. 4B. Terebra a little longer than gaster. Metacarp (fig. 4A) long. About the basal part of hind wing, see fig. 4C. Claws (fig. 4, E) pectinate.

A. jubmeli is similar to A. validus Thoms. but has not the paired projection on anterior margin of postscutellum as in A. validus. The shape of 2nd tergite of gaster is different. The colour is a lso different.

Male unknown. Length: 2.5-2.6 mm.
Holotype: In coll mea, North Sweden, Prov. Jamtland, Blasjon, 1/7/1971. Leg. Karl-Johan Hedqvist.
Paratypes: 3 females, in coll mea, Lapland, Tarna, 4/8/1971. leg. Karl-Johan Hedqvist.

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