Cotesia electrae

General description: 

Description added by Jose Fernandez-Triana on vii-2016, based in the study of the female holotype (USNM). All measurements in mm.

Body L: 3.0; forewing L: 3.1; Head H: 0.60; head W: 0.73; eye H: 0.40; OOL: 0.13; Diameter of posterior ocellus: 0.08; POL: 0.14. Flagellomeres 1/2/3/14/15/16: 0.22/0.20/0.18/0.11/0.11/missing; F 2 L/W: 0.20/0.07; F14 L/W: 0.11/0.05. T1 L/Wa/Wm/Wp: 0.45/0.28/0.38/0.40. T2 L/W: 0.20/0.44. T3 L: 0.29. Pterostigma L/W: 0.68/0.27; R1: 0.55; distance between end of R1 and 3RS: 0.20. metafemur L/W: 0.80/0.25; metatibia L: 0.94; first segment of metatarsus: 0.47; metatibial inner/outer spurs: 0.28/0.23. Ovipositor sheaths L: almost entirely hidden within hypopygium, around 0.10-0.12 mm. Anteromesoscutum relatively densely punctate (but punctures shallow); scutellar disc mostly smooth. Propodeum with strong and complete median carina, and mostly coarsely sculptured. T1 mostly smooth, with only posterior 0.25-0.30 sculptured; T1 with posterior margin rounded, not straight. T2 subtriangular (trapezoidal) and mostly smooth, with only fainted sculptured along margins. T3+ smooth. Hypopygium slightly pointed at apex. Wing veins mostly light brown, pterostigma light brown with pale spot on anterior 0.1-0.2. Body black; antenna, tegula and humeral complex brown; all coxae brown, rest of legs yellow (except for metafemur reddish-yellow).

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