Dolichogenidea annularis

General description: 

Notes from Nixon (1972): Flagellum very thin, short, becoming still thinner and curiously smooth and shining on about apical third; two preapical segments of flagellum about twice as long as wide. Inner spur of hind tibia hardly longer than outer; ovipositor sheath distinctly a little longer than hind tibia. Additional notes from Nixon: This species may be compared with emarginatus as follows (female): leg colour and pigmentation of venation similar. Flagellum longer, thinner, three preapical segments at least one-and-a-half times longer than wide; apical third of flagellum curiously smoother, more shiny and less pubescent than more basal segments. Ovipositor sheath very slightly longer. Male: I can find nothing to separate the male from that of emarginatus. Length: females and males, ca. 3 mm, without ovipositor of female. No other species dealt with in this paper (Nixon, 1972) has a female flagellum like that of annularis; but, apart from this feature, the species is almost impossible to recognise.

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