Pseudapanteles annulicornis

General description: 

Diagnosis: It belongs to the annulicornis species-group, and can be separated from other species within that group based on the combination of metasoma entirely orange-yellow, mostly smooth and polished, and antenna brown with flagellomeres 6–8 white (rarely also posterior half of flagellomere 5), the band clearly occupying less than one third of antenna length.
Comments: One female from Panama (in CNC collection) represents the first record of P. annulicornis for Central America, and suggests that the species might be more widespread than previously known. That specimen is morphologically very similar to the holotype and two other females from St. Vincent (not part of the type series; collected in 1972, and deposited in the CNC); the only difference observed was the white band on the antenna (starting on flagellomere 5 for the Panama specimen versus starting on flagellomere 6 on specimens from St. Vincent). Two partial DNA barcodes (99 and 164 base pairs respectively) were obtained and also support the view of a single species, as the partial barcodes differed in 2 base pairs between the Panama specimen and one of the females collected in 1972 in St. Vincent.


Panama, St. Vincent Island.

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