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Jose Fernandez-Triana, Ph.D.
I am a research associated with the Canadian National Collection of Insects (CNC), Ottawa, and the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, Guelph, Canada. My work focuses on taxonomy, ecology and biology of Braconidae (especially Microgastrinae wasps), DNA barcoding, biodiversity and biocontrol studies. I used to write a blog about those topics (http://cncbraconidae.blogspot.ca/) until I discovered Scratchpads and realized that that is a much better way to share information and establish collaborative researches. With the help and expertise of Darren we are trying to assemble this site on world species of Microgastrinae. To see a list of the research publications, click here.

Darren WARD | PhD | Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research, Lincoln ...

Darren Ward, Ph.D.
I am the curator of Hymenoptera in the New Zealand Arthropod Collection (NZAC), Landcare Research in Auckland, New Zealand. I am currently working on parasitoid wasps from the families of Ichneumonidae and Braconidae and despite Jose's best efforts to help me, I still find microgastrinae a challenge to identify! I also have an interest and ecological background in ants and social wasps and have developed a scratchpad site on "stinging wasps" (Aculeata) from New Zealand (http://nz-hymenoptera.myspecies.info/). To see a list of the research publications, click here.

Mostafa Ghafouri Moghaddam, Ph.D.
I am graduated from the Department Plant of Protection at the University of Zabol, Iran. My research focus is on the taxonomy of parasitic wasps, with special emphasis on subfamily Microgastrinae (Hymenoptera, Braconidae). I am particularly interested in examining parasitoid diversity. The geographical focus has been notably on the Palearctic, and adjoining parts of the Afrotropical and Oriental Regions. Another focus is on the taxonomy of selected interesting parasitic wasps which are poorly known. As a conceptual framework of my empirical studies, I try to incorporate insect collections with new data acquisition and methods in much of my research. To see a list of the research publications, click here.

Anyone interested in these fascinating parasitoid wasps is welcome to register and join the efforts to improve the amount and quality of data presented here!

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