Alloplitis completus

General description: 

Holotype, female: length 3.2 mm, forewing 3.5 mm, antenna 4.3 mm. First tergite about 1.5x longer than wide, mostly longitudinally aciculate; tergite II similarly sculptured, but the aciculations medially converging and fading out posteriorly, L/W: 2.0 x; tergum III about 0.9 x as long as II, smooth and polished. Mesoscutum, scutellum, propleuron, and most of mesopleuron similarly densely punctate; posterior apex of scutellum depressed witb raised marginal carinae laterally and posteriorly; propodeurn with dull finely sculptured surface and very strong' complete, carination. Entire head, except postocciput, densely coarsely punctate, but area above antennal bases transversely striate. Distal 5 flagellar articles with ventral sensory areas and 2 ranks of placodes above. Black; scape and pedicel ferrugineous, a median yellowish band on flagellomeres 6-8; both palpi blaci, but distal 3 articles of maxillary palpi whitish; anterior tibia and tarsi and middle tarsi mostly fulvous; extreme base of mid- and hind tibiae whitish; abdominal sterna and laterotergites I-III also whitish. Wing veins black to brown, the membrane hyaline with slightly infumate apex and a stronger brown suffusion below stigma and near apex of submedian cell; wing bases whitish, but tegula black. Males. Resembling females, but antenna longer and more tapered; placodes at no place grouped in 2 ranks, but usually in 3 or 4 ranks; yellowish median band of antenna absent in males.

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