Apanteles aragatzi

General description: 

Description from Papp (1984): Ovipositor sheath in lateral view conspicuously wide, as wide as length of second joint of hind tarsus; its length also unusual for species-group, i.e. as long as hind tibia or somewhat shorter (Fig. 43). Tergites 1-2 very similar to that of A. metacarpalis Thomson (cf. Fig. 62). Legs blackish; apex of fore femur, entire fore tibia and base of tibiae 2-3 yellowish. Wings either fumous or hyaline, venation also either brownish pigmented or whitish and only rl+cuqul pigmented. In general habitus like A. metacarpalis Thomson. Females and males: 2.2-3 mm. Figures from Papp's paper can be seen in the corresponding pdf.

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