Apanteles aragatzi

General description: 

The following descriptions were provided by Papp (1984) and Tobias (1986), both papers also have some drawings of the species.

Papp (1984). Ovipositor sheath in lateral view conspicuously wide, as wide as length of second joint of tarsus; its length also unusual for species-group, i.e. as long as hind tibia or somehwt shorter. Tergites 1-2 very similar to that of A. metacarpalis. Legs blackish; apex of fore femur, entire fore tibia and base of tibiae 2-3 yellowish. Wings either fumous or hyaline, venation also either brownish pigmented or whitish and only r1+cuqu1 pigmented. In general habitus like A. metacarpalis. Female, male: 2.2-3.0 mm. 

Tobias (1986). Ovipositor valves only slightly shorter than hind tibia, wider, their width almost equal to width of hind tibia. Mesonotum with dull satiny sheen. Nervellus arcuate; radial and radiomedial veins forming slightly broken line. Wings smoky. Palps and legs dark colored. First abdominal tergite (illustrated in Tobias 1986) rough in apical third, almost matte. Body 2.7 mm.

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