Apanteles canarsiae

General description: 

Description added by Jose Fernandez-Triana on vii-2016, based in the study of the female holotype (USNM). All measurements in mm.

Body L: 2.5; forewing L: 2.6; ovipositor sheaths L: 0.75; flagellomeres 1/2/3/14/15/16: 0.20/0.19/0.18/no flagellomere after 12th; malar line/mandible width: 0.10/0.07; head height: 0.55 (difficult to measure due to position of head, same for width); head width: 0.62; face width about the same at both the base of antenna and upper margin of clypeus; OOL: 0.12; Posterior Ocellus Diameter: 0.05; POL: 0.12; metafemur L/W: 0.65/0.21; metatibia L: 0.80; 1st segment of metatarsus: 0.4; metatibial inner/outer spurs: 0.20/0.15; T1 L/Wa/Wm/Wp: 0.40/0.26/0.25/0.18; T2 L/Wa: 0.12/0.39; T3 L: 0.17. Pterostigma L/W: 0.55/0.21; R1: 0.6; distance between end of R1 and 3RS: 0.12; vein r: 0.21. Vein r more or less straight and arising from middle of pterostigma. Propodeum mostly smooth; areola complete but without transverse carinae (only longitudinal ones). T1 mostly sculptured on posterior 0.5, with a medial depression posteriorly followed by a smooth area centrally on the posterior margin; T2 mostly sculptured. Hypopygium pointed at apex, slightly longer than rest of metasoma; hypopygium with multiple pleats. Head and mesosoma black, antenna brown (clearly paler than rest of head); metasoma dark brown (except for T1-2 which are more blackish); pterostigma light brown, most of the veins transparent (only a few light brown); tegula yellow, wing base half yellow, half brown; all coxae brown to dark brown; femora: mostly yellow/mostly brown/brown; tibiae: yellow/yellow/yellow on anterior 0.4 and brown on posterior 0.6; metatarsus brown, metatibial spurs yellow-white.

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