Apanteles carlosviquezi

General description: 

Type locality. COSTA RICA, Guanacaste, ACG, Sector Pitilla, Loaiciga, 445m,
11.01983, -85.41342.
Holotype. ♀ in CNC. Specimen labels: 1. DHJPAR0002716. 2. COSTA RICA,
Guanacaste, ACG, Sector Pitilla, Loaiciga, 15.iii.2004, 445m, 11.01983, -85.41342,
Paratypes. 37 ♀, 8 ♂ (BMNH, CNC, INBIO, INHS, NMNH). COSTA RICA,
ACG database codes: DHJPAR0001596, DHJPAR0002716, DHJPAR0002907.
Description. Female. Metatibia color (outer face): entirely or mostly (>0.7 metatibia
length) dark brown to black, with yellow to white coloration usually restricted to anterior
0.2 or less. Fore wing veins color: veins C+Sc+R and R1 with brown coloration restricted
narrowly to borders, interior area of those veins and pterostigma (and sometimes veins
r, 2RS and 2M) transparent or white; other veins mostly transparent. Antenna length/
body length: antenna about as long as body (head to apex of metasoma); if slightly shorter,
at least extending beyond anterior 0.7 metasoma length. Body length (head to apex
of metasoma): 2.1–2.2 mm or 2.3–2.4 mm. Fore wing length: 2.3–2.4 mm or 2.5–2.6
mm. Metafemur length/width: 3.0–3.1. Mediotergite 1 length/width at posterior margin:
2.3–2.4. Mediotergite 1 maximum width/width at posterior margin: 1.4–1.5. Ovipositor
sheaths length/metafemur length: 1.0. Ovipositor sheaths length/metatibia length: 0.8.
Molecular data. Sequences in BOLD: 4, barcode compliant sequences: 4.
Biology/ecology. Gregarious (Fig. 307). Host: Hesperiidae, Telemiades oiclus.
Distribution. Costa Rica, ACG.

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