Cotesia analis

General description: 

The following characterization is taken from a key to European species in Papp (1986).

Hind coxa usual in length, i.e. in lateral view distinctly shorter than half of metasoma. Two spurs of hind tibia subequal, inner spur distinctly shorter than half of basitarsus. First tergite relatively short, 1.1—1.2 times as long as wide at hind, its two sides less narrowing basally (Fig. 4). Hypopygium apically rounded. Head in dorsal view usually somewhat less transverse, 1.7-1.8 times broader than long. Pterostigma opaque yellow or dark yellow. Metasoma reddish yellow to yellow, tergites 1-2 entirely, tergite 3 anteriorly more or less black, hind two tergites sometimes black to blackish. Males and females: (2.2-)2.7-3.2 mm.

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