Cotesia clisiocampae

General description: 

Description added by Jose Fernandez-Triana on vii-2016, based in the study of the female holotype (USNM). All measurements in mm.

Body L: 3.4; fore wing L: 3.6; flagellomeres 1/2/3/14/15/16 L: 0.25/0.22/0.20/0.13/0.11/0.12; F 2L/W: 0.22/0.09; F14 L/W: 0.13/0.08; malar line: 0.15; head W: 0.82; head H: 0.65; eye H: 0.46; mandible width: 0.10; OOD: 0.15; POD: 0.08; DBPO: 0.13; metafemur L/W: 0.96/0.28; metatibia: 1.20; first segment of metatarsus: 0.54; metatibia inner/outer spurs: 0.25/0.22. T1 L/Wa/Wm/Wp: 0.55/0.30/0.42/0.46. T2 L/W: 0.26/0.55. T3 L: 0.30. Ovipositor sheaths not visible (covered by hypopygium) but about 0.10-0.15. Pterostigma L/W: 0.73/0.29; R1: 0.65; distance betweend end of R1 and 3RS: 0.25; vein r: 0.22. Head, mesosoma and T1-2 black, T3+ dark brown. Flagellomere brown, clypeus orange-brown. Scape, pedicel, labrum, mandibles, palpi, tegula and wing base, all legs, and anterior 3-4 sternites, yellow. Wings mostly brown, pterostigma brown with small pale spot on 0.1-0.15 anteriorly. Anteromesuscutum coarsely and densely punctate, scutellar disc sparsely and shallowly punctate. Mesopleuron mostly smooth, with coarse punctures on anterior margin (and a bit dorsally); metapleuron smooth on anterior 0.6, with punctures on posterior 0.4. T1 widening towards apex, its posterior margin not straight, sinuate; T2 posterior margin slightly concave centrally; T1-T2 coarsely sculptured, T3 with anterior 0.1-0.2 sculptured, rest smooth, T4+ smooth; T2 separate from T3 by relatively deep, crenulate sulcus. Vein r arising centrally from pterostigma and very slightly inclined forward.

[Additional Note: The description provided by Papp (1987, part X of European ‘Apanteles’) is a bit misleading about the shape of T1].

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