Cotesia euchaetis

General description: 

Description added by Jose Fernandez-Triana on vii-2016, based in the study of the female syntype (USNM). All measurements in mm.

Syntypes (one female, one male) in USNM. The female specimen is abundantly covered by glue. Body L: 2.3; fore wing L: 2.3; malar line: 0.08; mandible base: 0.08. Head H: 0.50; head W: 0.64; eye H: 0.35; flagellomeres 1/2/3 (antenna broken past F10): 0.17/0.17/0.16; F2 L/W: 0.17/0.06. Metafemur L/W: 0.60/0.18; metatibia L: 0.72; 1st segment of metatarsus: 0.28; metatibial inner/outer spurs: 0.19/0.18. Ovipositor sheaths 0.2. Pterostigma L/W: 0.48/0.22; vein r: 0.13; R1: 0.43; distance between end of R1 and 3RS: 0.20. T1 L/Wa/Wm/Wp: 0.38/0.24/0.25/0.16; T2 L/W: 0.12/0.27; T3 L: 0.25. Anteromesoscutum with fine and shallow punctures, scutellar disc entirely smooth.  Propodeum almost entirely smooth, with median carina weakly defined. T1 mostly parallel-sided, very slightly widening towards mid length, then narrowing on its posterior 0.1 (where is rounded). T2 trapezoidal, its size much smaller than in typical Cotesia species. T1 with very fine and shallow punctures on posterior 0.2-0.3, T2+ smooth. Hypopygium pointed (acute). Body color reddish-brown, with all legs yellow (except for metacoxa and posterior 0.5 of metafemur reddish-brown), antenna light brown, palpi, labrum, tegula and humeral complex yellow, veins mostly transparent, pterostigma very light brown. In the CNC there are 3 specimens that need to be examined to see if they indeed match the syntype of the species. Also, Michel-Salzat & Whitfield (2004) mentioned that they use this species in their phylogenetic analyses of Cotesia -needs to be checked to see if they had correctly identified those specimens for their study or if it was a different species.

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