Cotesia salebrosa

General description: 

Taken from Papp (1987). Anterior half to two-thirds of third tergite distinctly rugose-subrugose. Metacarp distinctly longer than pterostigma, its own length four times greater than distance between its distal end and tip of radial cell (Fig. 75, see arrows), vein r1 perpendicular to fore margin of pterostigma (Fig. 75), or at most slightly oblique to it (i.e. slightly directed outwards), usually clearly longer than cuqu1. Wings hyaline, less frequently subhyaline to weakly fumous. Female and male: 2.7-3 mm. Papp also added the following note: "Third tergite distinctly longer than second tergite, tegula black to brown, legs dark coloured" and then "Third tergite never entirely smooth, at least medio-basally rugulose, usually its fore half to two-thirds rugose-rugulose. In comparison to the previous species tergites 1-2 throughout rugose without polished fields; basal field coextensive with whole of second tergite, tergite delimited laterally rectangularly (cf. Fig. 69). Mesonotum usually with less fine punctation. Hind femur black".

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