Microplitis alaskensis

General description: 

Description added by Jose Fernandez-Triana on vii-2016, based in the study of the female syntype (USNM). All measurements in mm.

Body length:  4.0; fore wing L: 4.0; flagellomeres 1,2,3,14,15,16: 0.3/0.27/0.27/broken from 13 on; OOL: 0.18; Posterior Ocellus Diameter: 0.09; POL: 0.16; imaginary line on posterior margin of anterior ocellus crossing well above imaginary line on anterior margin of posterior ocelli; head maximum width: 0.93; head height: 0.78; malar distance: 0.15; metafemur L/W: 1.0/0.25; metatibia: 1.3; first segment of metatarsus: 0.5; metatibia inner/outer spurs: 0.2/0.2; ovipositor sheaths: 0.1; T1 L/Wa/Wm/Wp: 0.61/0.30/0.40/0.42; T2 L/Wp: 0.23/0.72; T3 L: 0.35. Pterostigma L/W: 0.80/0.28; R1: 0.65; distance between end of R1 and end of 3M: 0.45. Face at antenna base as wide as face at dorsal margin of clypeus. Wings slightly infumated. Pterostigma with pale spot on anterior 0.3. Vein r strongly inclined towards margin. Areolet height about same length than distance from lower margin of pterostigma and upper margin of areolet. Notauli defined by coarser sculpture but not deeply impressed. Pronotum with strong ventral sulcus (dorsal not defined); mesopleuron coarsely sculptured on margins, smooth centrally; metapleuron almost entirely coarsely sculptured. T1 mostly sculptured, T2+ mostly smooth. Hypopygium truncated at apex. All body black (sternites dark brown to black); scape and flagellomere dark brown to black; tegula and wing base dark brown to black; all coxae dark brown to black; femora: yellow/mostly yellow, with anterior 0.2 brown/mostly yellow, with anterior 0.2 and posterior 0.1 brown; tibiae: yellow/yellow/mostly yellow, with small brown spot dorsally on posterior 0.1; metatarsus: dark brown; metatibial spurs: yellow-white.

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