Pseudapanteles maureenballesteroae

General description: 

Diagnosis. It belongs to the gouleti species-group, and can be separated from other species within that group by the combination of pterostigma yellow-white, with very thin brown margins, propodeum only slightly sculptured on posterolateral corners and differentiated into elevated central area (which is shiny) and depressed posterolateral corners, and metasoma tergites dark brown except for anterior 0.6 of T1 which is yellow.
Description. Male. Body length 2.0–2.1 mm. Fore wing length 2.2–2.3 mm. Head color: mostly dark brown to black, except for yellow clypeus, labrum, mandibles, and spot on lower corner of gena near oral foramen. Mesosoma color: entirely dark brown to black. Metasoma color (dorsally): mostly dark brown to black, except for yellow-orange anterior 0.4–0.6 of mediotergite 1. Coxae color: pale/pale/mostly or completely dark. Metatibia color: mostly pale, with posterior 0.1–0.2 dark. Metatarsus color: dark. Pterostigma color: pale, with thin dark margins. Female. Unknown.


Costa Rica, ACG rain forest.

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