Microgastrinae from Ottawa, Canada

Below is a working list of the Microgastrinae wasps found in the so-called Ottawa District. This human-defined district comprises a 50 km circle from the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill -in the center of the city of Ottawa, Canada (see figure below). It was designated as the official study area for the Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club (OFNC) in 1895, and since then it has become significant for the study of Nature and conservation activities in general. [More information on the Ottawa district can be found in the OFNC website, http://www.ofnc.ca/index.html].

In such small area as the Ottawa District (less than 8,000 km2) researchers have recorded more than 2,000 Lepidoptera species! In round numbers, they represent roughly 1,000 species of micro moths, another 1,000 species of macro moths, and around 100 species of butterflies. In just one spot of the Ottawa district up to 1,000 species of moths have been recorded and photographed! [see that wonderful site of a moth photographer in Ottawa for more details: http://www.acleris.com/dls/mothhome.html].

Many of those 2,000+ species of Lepidoptera in Ottawa would be hosts to a significant number of Microgastrinae wasps, but unfortunately we do not know much, and just a few records can be found scattered in old references. What we provide below is the first attempt to list the diversity of microgastrine wasps in Ottawa, based on data extracted from specimens in the Canadian National Collection of Insects. This list is a work in progress, and will be expanded over time. Our guess is that up to 200 species of microgastrines could be found in the Ottawa district... so, looking at the list below the reader can see that we are only one third of the way. Any help from enthusiasts rearing caterpillars in the region would be very much appreciated, there are lots of species to be found and recorded for the first time!

[As part of researches being done in Ottawa, some particular localities/areas within the larger "Ottawa District" may be covered in a separate page. Check, for example, the link to the species in the Fletcher Wildlife Garden (http://microgastrinae.myspecies.info/content/microgastrinae-fletcher-wil...)].

Preliminary list, based on records from the CNC. [Last Update, April 9, 2014]:

1. Alphomelon winniewertzae
2. Apanteles carpatus
3. Apanteles cingiliae
4. Apanteles conanchetorum
5. Apanteles ensiger
6. Apanteles fumiferanae
7. Apanteles jenniferae
8. Apanteles laricellae
9. Apanteles morrisi
10. Apanteles nephoptericis
11. Apanteles petrovae
12. Apanteles polychrosidis
13. Choeras consimilis
14. Clarkinella canadensis
15. Cotesia anisotae
16. Cotesia atalantae
17. Cotesia cerurae
18. Cotesia clisiocampae
19. Cotesia congregata
20. Cotesia crambi
21. Cotesia fiskei
22. Cotesia flaviconchae
23. Cotesia glomerata
24. Cotesia hemileucae
25. Cotesia laeviceps
26. Cotesia nemoriae
27. Cotesia parastichtidis
28. Cotesia schizurae
29. Cotesia xylina
30. Diolcogaster auripes
31. Diolcogaster claritibia
32. Diolcogaster facetosa
33. Dolichogenidea absona
34. Dolichogenidea cacoeciae
35. Dolichogenidea dilecta
36. Dolichogenidea renaulti
37. Dolichogenidea solenobiae
38. Dolichogenidea thujae
39. Distatrix carolinae
40. Glyptapanteles militaris
41. Glyptapanteles pallipes
42. Hygroplitis melligaster
43. Hypomicrogaster ecdytolophae
44. Hypomicrogaster zonaria
45. Illidops sp.
46. Lathrapanteles heleios
47. Lathrapanteles papaipemae
48. Microgaster gelechiae
49. Microgaster leechi
50. Microgaster nr. epagoges
51. Microplitis autographae
52. Microplitis gortyna
53. Microplitis hyphantriae
54. Microplitis impressus
55. Microplitis plutellae
56. Microplitis scutellatus
57. Microplitis varicolor
58. Pholetesor bedelliae
59. Pholetesor ornigis
60. Pholetesor rhygoplitoides
61. Pholetesor salicifoliellae
62. Pholetesor viminetorum
63. Protapanteles paleacritae
64. Protapanteles phlyctaeniae
65. Protomicroplitis calliptera
66. Pseudapanteles gouleti
67. Rasivalva rugosa
68. Sathon cinctiformis
69. Venanus heberti

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