Palaearctic region

This page includes species lists from several countries of the Palaearctic region. The region is defined here sensu O’Hara et al. (2009), and comprises Europe, temperate Asia, most of the Arabian Peninsula, and Africa north of Sahara . For details and exact limits of the region, check Map 2 of those authors (paper freely available at:

According to the latest version of Taxapad (Yu et al. 2012), there are 757 species of Microgastrinae in the Palaearctic region (529 of them recorded from the Western Palaearctic, and 496 from the Eastern Palaearctic). Since the latest compilation in Taxapad a few additional species have been described, and that information will soon be incorporated into this page.

In the meantime, we are providing an update list of species in Sweden, as part of research being done in conjunction with the Sweden Malaise Trap Project. Check that page on the left pane (or just click here: for a living update of species being added as work progresses.


O’Hara J, Shima H, Zhang C (2009) Annotated Catalogue of the Tachinidae (Insecta: Diptera) of China. Zootaxa 2190: 1-236.

Yu DSK, van Achterberg C, Horstmann K (2012) Taxapad 2012, Ichneumonoidea 2011. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Database on flash-drive.


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Can we try to get also recorded species for every country something similar to Fauna Europaea?



Hi David,

Thanks a lot for visiting and leaving a comment! Yes, we can try to do as you ask. In fact Fauna Europaea already did that -but there is much more information to add, of course. It all comes down to having enough time to get things done. Which countries would be your priorities? Is it possible that you could also help with that work?

Feel free to contact me here, or to my personal email (, as per your convenience.

But yes, we can work to get things as you suggested :)

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