Neotropic region

This is perhaps the most diverse region for Microgastrinae wasps. At present some 530 species are known (Yu et al. 2012 recorded 278 species in the 2012 version of Taxapad, but some 250 additional species have been described since). The total number of species is expected to reach several thousands when thoroughly studied.

The Neotropical region has been the focus of many inventories of caterpillars and their parasitoids, providing a foundation for further biological research. Among those inventories, the longest-running and most comprehensive has been the one on Area de Conservación Guanacaste, Costa Rica (, which will be featured on a special page here, detailing all Microgastrinae species found there.

Another page we will devoted to the species of French Guiana. Officially, there were only three described species from this country, but the actual diversity may reach one thousand. Recent collecting has provided hundreds of specimens which are being studied at present, and updated information will be posted on a dedicated page here.

Other areas from the Neotropic will follow in future updates.

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