Sweden species

This checklist is intended as a basis for an ongoing project about Microgastrinae from Sweden. The initial data on species was compiled from Taxapad (Yu D, van Achterberg C, Horstmann K (2012) Taxapad 2012, Ichneumonoidea 2011. Database on flash-drive. URL: www.taxapad.com), Dyntaxa (http://www.dyntaxa.se/Taxon/Info/1000067?changeRoot=True), and Fauna Europaea (http://www.faunaeur.org/distribution.php?current_form=species_list). New species will be added as the study of material collected by the Swedish Malaise Trap Project (http://www.artdata.slu.se/svenskaartprojektet/malaisetrap.asp) advances.

The number of genera and described species of Microgastrinae recorded from Sweden varies depending on the source. Fauna Europaea lists 8 genera and 103 species. Taxapad lists 8 genera and 117 species. Dyntaxa lists 9 genera and 134 species. Below we list 143 species and 16 genera. The increase in the number of genera is due to the adoption of a different taxonomic arrangement in this website (see: http://microgastrinae.myspecies.info/microgastrinae/microgastrinae).

Preliminary list, pending author of species and alphabetical order [Last Update, June 21, 2015]:

  1. Apanteles aragatzi
  2. Apanteles brunnistigma
  3. Apanteles carpatus
  4. Apanteles evanidus
  5. Apanteles exilis
  6. Apanteles jubmeli
  7. Apanteles lacteus
  8. Apanteles lenea
  9. Apanteles metacarpalis
  10. Apanteles obscurus
  11. Apanteles sodalis
  12. Apanteles xanthostigma
  13. Choeras adjunctus
  14. Choeras parasitellae
  15. Choeras ruficornis
  16. Choeras tedellae
  17. Choeras validus
  18. Cotesia acuminata
  19. Cotesia affinis
  20. Cotesia analis
  21. Cotesia astrarches
  22. Cotesia bignellii
  23. Cotesia brachycera
  24. Cotesia brevicornis
  25. Cotesia calodetta
  26. Cotesia clepta
  27. Cotesia eulipis
  28. Cotesia glomerata
  29. Cotesia jucunda
  30. Cotesia melanoscela
  31. Cotesia melitaearum
  32. Cotesia perspicua
  33. Cotesia pilicornis
  34. Cotesia praepotens
  35. Cotesia ruficrus
  36. Cotesia salebrosa
  37. Cotesia saltator
  38. Cotesia selenevora
  39. Cotesia sericea
  40. Cotesia sessilis
  41. Cotesia setebis
  42. Cotesia spuria
  43. Cotesia tenebrosa
  44. Cotesia tetrica
  45. Cotesia tibialis
  46. Cotesia vestalis
  47. Cotesia zygaenarum
  48. Diolcogaster alvearia
  49. Diolcogaster scotica
  50. Dolichogenidea albipennis
  51. Dolichogenidea annularis
  52. Dolichogenidea artissima
  53. Dolichogenidea ate
  54. Dolichogenidea azovica
  55. Dolichogenidea breviventris
  56. Dolichogenidea candidata
  57. Dolichogenidea cheles
  58. Dolichogenidea corvina
  59. Dolichogenidea decora
  60. Dolichogenidea dilecta
  61. Dolichogenidea drusilla
  62. Dolichogenidea emarginata
  63. Dolichogenidea gagates
  64. Dolichogenidea gracilariae
  65. Dolichogenidea halidayi
  66. Dolichogenidea impura
  67. Dolichogenidea infima
  68. Dolichogenidea lacteipennis
  69. Dolichogenidea laevigata
  70. Dolichogenidea longicalcar
  71. Dolichogenidea longicauda
  72. Dolichogenidea mycale (the species Apanteles trogos has been cited as valid species in other lists (e.g., Fauna Europaea), but it is a synonym of D. mycale).
  73. Dolichogenidea phaola
  74. Dolichogenidea praetor
  75. Dolichogenidea punctiger
  76. Dolichogenidea sicaria
  77. Glyptapanteles aliphera
  78. Glyptapanteles callidus
  79. Glyptapanteles fulvipes
  80. Glyptapanteles liparidis
  81. Glyptapanteles luciana
  82. Glyptapanteles pallipes
  83. Glyptapanteles theivorae
  84. Glyptapanteles triangulator
  85. Glyptapanteles vitripennis
  86. Hygroplitis rugulosa
  87. Hygroplitis russata
  88. Iconella lacteoides
  89. Illidops butalidis
  90. Illidops suevus
  91. Microgaster areolaris
  92. Microgaster australis
  93. Microgaster crassicornis
  94. Microgaster deductor
  95. Microgaster erro
  96. Microgaster fulvicrus
  97. Microgaster globata
  98. Microgaster luctuosa
  99. Microgaster meridiana
  100. Microgaster messoria
  101. Microgaster nigricans
  102. Microgaster nitidula
  103. Microgaster parvistriga
  104. Microgaster polita
  105. Microgaster rufipes
  106. Microgaster stictica
  107. Microgaster subcompleta
  108. Microgaster uliginosa
  109. Microplitis aduncus
  110. Microplitis deprimator
  111. Microplitis docilis
  112. Microplitis eremitus
  113. Microplitis fulvicornis
  114. Microplitis idia
  115. Microplitis lugubris
  116. Microplitis mandibularis
  117. Microplitis mediator
  118. Microplitis ocellatae
  119. Microplitis scrophulariae
  120. Microplitis sofron
  121. Microplitis sordipes
  122. Microplitis spectabilis
  123. Microplitis spinolae
  124. Microplitis strenuus
  125. Microplitis tuberculatus
  126. Microplitis tuberculifer
  127. Microplitis xanthopus
  128. Paroplitis wesmaeli
  129. Pholetesor circumscriptus
  130. Pholetesor nanus
  131. Pholetesor viminetorum
  132. Protapanteles anchisiades
  133. Protapanteles enephes
  134. Protapanteles fausta
  135. Protapanteles immunis
  136. Protapanteles incertus
  137. Protapanteles majalis
  138. Protapanteles popularis
  139. Rasivalva calceata
  140. Rasivalva marginata
  141. Sathon eugeni
  142. Sathon falcatus
  143. Sathon lateralis

List of Sweden specimens with DNA barcodes in the Barcoding of Life Data Systems (http://www.boldsystems.org/) as of November 28, 2014.

Taxonomic name: 
Microplitis (Microgastrinae), Microgaster (Microgastrinae), Illidops (Microgastrinae), Iconella (Microgastrinae), Hygroplitis (Microgastrinae), Glyptapanteles (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea (Microgastrinae), Diolcogaster (Microgastrinae), Cotesia (Microgastrinae), Choeras (Microgastrinae), Apanteles (Microgastrinae), Microgastrinae (Microgastrinae), Paroplitis (Microgastrinae), Pholetesor (Microgastrinae), Protapanteles (Microgastrinae), Rasivalva (Microgastrinae), Sathon (Microgastrinae), Microplitis fulvicornis (Microgastrinae), Microplitis eremitus (Microgastrinae), Microplitis docilis (Microgastrinae), Microplitis deprimator (Microgastrinae), Microplitis aduncus (Microgastrinae), Microgaster uliginosa (Microgastrinae), Microgaster subcompleta (Microgastrinae), Microgaster stictica (Microgastrinae), Microgaster rufipes (Microgastrinae), Microgaster polita (Microgastrinae), Microgaster parvistriga (Microgastrinae), Microgaster nitidula (Microgastrinae), Microgaster nigricans (Microgastrinae), Microgaster messoria (Microgastrinae), Microgaster meridiana (Microgastrinae), Microgaster luctuosa (Microgastrinae), Microgaster globata (Microgastrinae), Microgaster fulvicrus (Microgastrinae), Microgaster erro (Microgastrinae), Microgaster crassicornis (Microgastrinae), Microgaster australis (Microgastrinae), Illidops suevus (Microgastrinae), Illidops butalidis (Microgastrinae), Iconella lacteoides (Microgastrinae), Hygroplitis russata (Microgastrinae), Hygroplitis rugulosa (Microgastrinae), Glyptapanteles vitripennis (Microgastrinae), Glyptapanteles triangulator (Microgastrinae), Glyptapanteles theivorae (Microgastrinae), Glyptapanteles pallipes (Microgastrinae), Glyptapanteles luciana (Microgastrinae), Glyptapanteles liparidis (Microgastrinae), Glyptapanteles fulvipes (Microgastrinae), Glyptapanteles callidus (Microgastrinae), Glyptapanteles aliphera (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea sicaria (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea punctiger (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea praetor (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea phaola (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea mycale (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea longicauda (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea longicalcar (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea laevigata (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea lacteipennis (Microgastrinae), Apanteles lacteus (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea infima (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea impura (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea halidayi (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea gracilariae (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea gagates (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea emarginata (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea drusilla (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea dilecta (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea decora (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea corvina (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea cheles (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea candidata (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea breviventris (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea azovica (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea ate (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea artissima (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea annularis (Microgastrinae), Dolichogenidea albipennis (Microgastrinae), Diolcogaster scotica (Microgastrinae), Diolcogaster alvearia (Microgastrinae), Cotesia zygaenarum (Microgastrinae), Cotesia vestalis (Microgastrinae), Cotesia tibialis (Microgastrinae), Cotesia tenebrosa (Microgastrinae), Cotesia spuria (Microgastrinae), Cotesia setebis (Microgastrinae), Cotesia sessilis (Microgastrinae), Cotesia sericea (Microgastrinae), Cotesia selenevora (Microgastrinae), Cotesia saltator (Microgastrinae), Cotesia salebrosa (Microgastrinae), Cotesia ruficrus (Microgastrinae), Cotesia praepotens (Microgastrinae), Cotesia pilicornis (Microgastrinae), Cotesia perspicua (Microgastrinae), Cotesia melitaearum (Microgastrinae), Cotesia melanoscela (Microgastrinae), Cotesia jucunda (Microgastrinae), Cotesia glomerata (Microgastrinae), Cotesia eulipis (Microgastrinae), Cotesia clepta (Microgastrinae), Cotesia calodetta (Microgastrinae), Cotesia brevicornis (Microgastrinae), Cotesia brachycera (Microgastrinae), Cotesia bignellii (Microgastrinae), Cotesia astrarches (Microgastrinae), Cotesia analis (Microgastrinae), Cotesia affinis (Microgastrinae), Cotesia acuminata (Microgastrinae), Choeras validus (Microgastrinae), Choeras tedellae (Microgastrinae), Choeras ruficornis (Microgastrinae), Choeras parasitellae (Microgastrinae), Apanteles xanthostigma (Microgastrinae), Apanteles obscurus (Microgastrinae), Apanteles metacarpalis (Microgastrinae), Apanteles lenea (Microgastrinae), Apanteles aragatzi (Microgastrinae), Apanteles brunnistigma (Microgastrinae), Apanteles carpatus (Microgastrinae), Apanteles evanidus (Microgastrinae), Apanteles exilis (Microgastrinae), Apanteles jubmeli (Microgastrinae), Microplitis idia (Microgastrinae), Microplitis lugubris (Microgastrinae), Microplitis mandibularis (Microgastrinae), Microplitis mediator (Microgastrinae), Microplitis ocellatae (Microgastrinae), Microplitis scrophulariae (Microgastrinae), Microplitis sofron (Microgastrinae), Microplitis sordipes (Microgastrinae), Microplitis spectabilis (Microgastrinae), Microplitis spinolae (Microgastrinae), Microplitis strenuus (Microgastrinae), Microplitis tuberculatus (Microgastrinae), Microplitis tuberculifer (Microgastrinae), Microplitis xanthopus (Microgastrinae), Paroplitis wesmaeli (Microgastrinae), Pholetesor circumscriptus (Microgastrinae), Pholetesor nanus (Microgastrinae), Pholetesor viminetorum (Microgastrinae), Protapanteles anchisiades (Microgastrinae), Protapanteles enephes (Microgastrinae), Sathon eugeni (Microgastrinae), Protapanteles fausta (Microgastrinae), Protapanteles immunis (Microgastrinae), Protapanteles incertus (Microgastrinae), Sathon lateralis (Microgastrinae), Protapanteles majalis (Microgastrinae), Protapanteles popularis (Microgastrinae), Rasivalva calceata (Microgastrinae), Rasivalva marginata (Microgastrinae), Sathon falcatus (Microgastrinae), Apanteles sodalis (Microgastrinae), Choeras adjunctus (Microgastrinae), Cotesia tetrica (Microgastrinae), Microgaster deductor (Microgastrinae)
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